We have put a number of helpful FAQ questions and answers together below, or contact us for more information.

All bins must be paid for on or before delivery.

  • Credit Card – this can be done on this website simply click on book now or call our office with your details.
  • Cash – please phone our office to arrange this. (cash payments not accepted under COVID 19 Alert level 3 and 4)
  • Internet Banking – funds need to show in our account on the day of delivery.  Screen shot required of payment before delivery

Please note NO PAYMENT, no bin.

By booking a bin the hirer agrees to pay all overweight charges and/or any charges that may apply to damage done to our equipment done by the hirer or hirers contractors or subcontractors.

Failure to make payment will incur a penalty interest of 2% per month from the due date to actual date of payment.  Any expenses incurred by Trash Control Ltd in recovery of overdue payments including debt collection fees, solicitors fees or court costs shall be paid for by you in full.

Refunds on Credit Cards or Debit Cards

Payments made by credit card or debit card that require refunds will incur a $10 administration/handling fee, this is to cover merchant transaction costs.

We can deliver bins to most parts of Auckland including West Auckland, North Shore, Auckland Central, Eastern Suburbs, South as far as Manukau, Manurewa and Flatbush, Botany. For a full list of the suburbs we can deliver your bin to, please click here.

All bins have a weight limit.

Excessive weights will be charged for accordingly. By booking a bin the hirer agrees to pay any overweight charges that may apply.

Additional Charges (starting from $40)

Extra charges (futile fee) will apply if we arrive at a site and we cannot deliver or pick up a bin outside of our control eg: blocked access, site is too narrow, over grown or over hanging trees, sharp corners, right angle bends, no where on site to place the bin, bin is not finished with,  incorrect waste  etc

OVERWEIGHT CHARGES:  There are weight limits on all bins as we get charged by the landfills by weight.  These are displayed on our website. If you exceed the weight limit then further charges will apply.  If you are unsure about the weight limit we suggest getting the next size bin to allow for the extra weight (if that bin also exceeds the weight limit then further charges will apply).

Cancellation fee will apply if we arrive onsite and you decide you no longer require the bin.

If we arrive onsite and you decide to change the size of the bin eg: bin too small or too big a fee will apply for cancelling or changing the size.

Level to the top.  Think safety!!

If the bin is overloaded it will have to be levelled before we can transport it to comply with LTSA and OSH rules and regulations.

NO! Once placed the bin must not be moved.  If moved when empty you will not be able to move the bin back and the driver may not be able to pick up the bin again. Any damage done to the bin or property by a bin being moved will be the responsibility of the hirer. Bins pushed around by an excavator or digger will be damaged and the hirer will be responsible.

Our drivers cannot determine the thickness or condition of a driveway or how it was constructed therefore we will not be responsible for any damage done as a result of your bin being delivered. If the driveway has recently been laid we would advise against the vehicles entering that drive.

General waste: 
Household rubbish, garden waste, building waste, domestic waste, wood, plastic, cardboard, office waste, furniture, household appliances etc.

Hardfill waste:
Bricks, rocks, concrete, soil, clay, sand, scoria, pebbles, stones, tarseal, asphalt, concrete roof tiles

Mixed waste:
General waste and hardfill waste cannot be mixed. Please note if this is done then the bin will exceed the weight limit and further charges will apply.

The following cannot be placed into the bin

  • Chemicals
  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Tyres
  • Polystyrene and or expanded foam
  • liquids, oil, paint. chemicals etc
  • gas cylinders
  • bulk foods, glass, tiles
  • Ash
  • Tree stumps (that one man cannot lift)
  • Any hazardous or flammable waste


Asbestos is NOT permitted in any of our bins.  If you are in doubt DO NOT place it in the bin.

Asbestos is a hazardous waste and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

The Transfer Station will charge a minimum of $3,000 (three thousand dollars) for removal of any asbestos  or any fibrolite that has to be tested for asbestos and removed.  The hirer of the bin will be liable for this charge.  If in doubt DO NOT put it in the bin! Do not hide it in the bin as all bins get sorted at Transfer and Recycling Stations and it will be found and you will be charged!

You will have to leave detailed instructions on where to place the bin and payment will need to be arranged.

3 days depending on when you get the bin.

Standard Delivery and Pick Up Days:

Delivery                Pick Up

Monday                 Thursday

Tuesday                Friday

Wednesday           Monday (Wednesday Special)

Thursday               Monday

Friday                    Tuesday

Please Note:  on the pick up day, the bin will be collected at anytime that day.  If your bin was delivered at 1pm then it does not get picked up at 1pm it will be removed anytime during the day between 7.30am and 6pm

We are closed Sundays and Public Holidays and Saturdays that fall in a long weekend.  If you book your bin on a public holiday it will not be delivered until the next available working day.

Extra days can be arranged at a daily rate, these must be pre-arranged before the driver arrives to pick up the bin or a cartage charge may apply.

A minimum driveway width of 2.6 metres is required.

We recommend bins to be placed on your property (We are not responsible for other people filling your bin).

Bins CANNOT be placed on the road.

The driver will be able to assist you in the best possible place for placement of the bin.  Driving over the grass especially during the winter or wet season is not recommend as the truck will sink, get stuck and make a mess off your property.

If your require the bin to be placed in a loading zone or carpark you will need to apply for a permit from Auckland Transport.

Visit https://at.govt.nz/about-us/working-on-the-road/corridor-access-requests/ to apply.


We can place the bin so you have access to the low end of the bin.  For safety reasons we cannot turn the skip bin around.  The bin is transported on the truck with the low end facing the rear of the truck.

A minimum height of 4 metres is required.

The hirer is liable for any damage done to the bin.  This includes fire damage.  Damage done by an excavator and or machinery, for this reason once bin is placed DO NOT MOVE, especially by an excavator as the bin will be damaged.

Liquids:  paint, chemicals, solvents, petrols, motor oil, cooking oil etc cannot be placed into the bin.

Please note even if they are in a sealed container they cannot be placed in the bin as there is a possibility they will split open or leak when being transported as well as we are unable to dispose of paint at the transfer station.  If any of these items are placed in the bin the bin will not be picked up until items are removed.  Extra charges will apply for any paint placed in the bin, this will also include any cleaning  of the bin and or fines or penalties which may occur during transport/spillage or disposal.  Strictly NO liquids/paint!

Wednesday Special – Skip bin is delivered on the Wednesday and Picked up on the Monday.  Not available from the 19th December to 5th January.

Flexibin vs steel skip bin

With our skip bins you can have your bin placed up your drive closer to your house or where you want the rubbish removed from.  If you used a Flexibin you have to place the bag within 4 metres of the street kerbside.  This is not ideal if you have a right of way or want the bin up your drive.

With our skips there is a height restriction of 4 metres.  With a Flexibin the height restriction is 9 metres as the Flexibin is craned onto a truck (remember the crane that toppled onto the house on the 28th November 2014 on the North Shore).

With our skip bins they are used over and over again,  Are Flexibins enviromentally friendly going straight to landfill?  How long do they take to break down?

Flexibins often have hidden costs – the purchase cost is low but doesn’t include the cost of pickup which you don’t find out about until after you’ve purchased them.

We will try and divert any recyclable material out of landfills where possible – Flexibins usually go straight to the landfill.

At Trash Control we are passionate about preserving our environment.  We recycle your rubbish as much as possible. This plays a significant role in saving landfill space and achieving a cleaner greener New Zealand.  How can you help? Let the driver know when delivering your bin what items you are disposing of so we can recycle as much as we can.

As from the 1st July 2009 the government have introduced a National Waste Levy as part of the government’s Waste Minimisation Act 2008. This Levy applies to all general waste and is an incentive to promote minimisation of waste to landfill. No one is exempt. Bins Online have included this levy into the price of all our bins.


Contactless delivery. Payment by credit card or internet banking ONLY.

Maintain a safe distance at all times. Wear a MASK!

LEVEL 4 and LEVEL 3 – No cash payments.   Wear a mask if you are outside with the driver.  For YOUR safety and the safety of our STAFF.

Provide clear access for the driver and clear instructions for bin placement.  All communication by phone through our office on 098181344 if it is necessary to talk to the driver keep the 5m distance.  If you are unwell, awaiting test results or been diagnosed with COVID 19 DO NOT order a bin.  If you have been a close contact or self isolating DO NOT order a bin.  If you have been to a location of interest at the same time as a person that has tested positive DO NOT order a bin. Stay safe.

Not sure what size to get?
No problem – just give our friendly team a call on 09 818 1344 and we will be able to assist.



7:30am – 5:00pm